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Streamline your litigation firm’s case management system

 Onboard new clients, manage matters, store legal documents and assign bills.

Legal Case Management

Monitor end-to-end case-flow, manage client information, store legal documents, and empower your lawyers to make data-driven decisions - our intuitive, easy-to-use app lets you manage your legal firm’s practice effectively while ensuring accountability. Get actionable insights into monthly caseloads to ensure that your firm’s outcomes are meeting your business goals.

Boost your firm's productivity with better case management

Integrate seamlessly all existing systems and third-party applications.

Centralise your firm’s case data

Comprehensive dashboards help you eliminate blind spots, view all of your law firm’s work. Make informed forecasts about your business by evaluating cases won and closed by month.

Get real-time insight into your caseflow

Follow caseflow with the help of detailed case histories and progress reports. Identify in advance the conflicts caused by hearing dates coinciding.

Store and retrieve documents instantly

Upload all documents relevant to each case in a single place, so that you can access and retrieve them at any time. 

Simplify schedule and billing

Manage lawyers, attorneys, and all other staff of your law firm so that case assignments can happen in real-time. 

Simplify task delegation

Build your team’s to-do lists by creating calendar items and tasks, and configure the task’s life cycle to fit into your case’s flow. 

Optimize client management

Organize information in a structured way by classifying them into clients, opposing clients, and witnesses.

Responsive Design

We take approach to render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. To improve user experience which will translate into a positive perception of your brand and business.

Endless Security Service

Our platform protect data and provides confidentiality, integrity, availability and Security capabilities. To help increase and improve the trust factor of the software applications.

Incredible Features

Incredible features to make your app stand out, making sure that users can easily navigate through them with fast loading content, high security and time-to-time updates.

There's more!

Connect your case management app with existing systems in your organization.

Rethink customization with our platform

We can add new features or tweak existing workflows to create new appointments and and notifications of litigation events.

Anytime, anywhere, on any device

Put legal case management in the palm of your hand and on your desktop and focus on what’s important your clients.

Break down data silos with integrations

Connect your case management app with existing systems in your organization, like your CRM, payroll, or any other third-party.

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