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Education Management

If you've been tasked with keeping an educational institution running by managing its students, staff, and operations, this app is for you. Specifically designed to systematically control the various parts of an institution, the Education Management app is guaranteed to make your work easier by automating over abundancy of tasks involved with day-to-day administration.

Everything you'll need to manage an institution

A platform for running the enrolment process, managing finances and other significant procedures.

Plan events efficiently

Do away with the chaos while planning cultural or scholastic events with a module dedicated to events, add programs to each event and schedules.

Manage research projects

Carry out periodic follow-ups using automated emails, and update completion statuses with a single click.

Instantly generate timetables

The app compiles customized timetables in a convenient, calendar-style report. Generate separate timetables for students and teachers.

Dedicated dashboards

Student dashboard displays upcoming classes, events, and attendance history. Staff can view student details and attendance record.

Monitor attendance

Give staff an easy way to monitor students' attendance through a dedicated tab on the staff dashboard. With buttons to send bulk emails to students and tweak timetables based on demand.

Make admissions a breeze

Make the admissions process by filing every new student's personal information along with course or major chosen, slot preferences, and contact information in a unified, searchable database. 

Responsive Design

We take approach to render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. To improve user experience which will translate into a positive perception of your brand and business.

Endless Security Service

Our platform protect data and provides confidentiality, integrity, availability and Security capabilities. To help increase and improve the trust factor of the software applications.

Incredible Features

Incredible features to make your app stand out, making sure that users can easily navigate through them with fast loading content, high security and time-to-time updates.

It's not just an app. It's a platform

Designed to increase productivity and improve communications.


All our apps are fully customizable, right out of the box. Embed admission forms on websites, set up modules for parent-teacher collaboration, and more.

Go Remotely

Enjoy all the features of the app. Work even when you're not at your desk by looking up timetables and scheduling classes or events, right from your phone.


Host of major software solutions like Quickbooks, Zapier, and Salesforce to ensure seamless connectivity between your various productivity applications. 

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