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     Improved communication, reservation and guest service systems.
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Powerful software to better run your hotel business

 Approve bookings according to availability and simultaneously keep everyone updated.

Hotel Management

Running a lodging establishment can be taxing. With modules dedicated to everything from maintenance, and room service requests, to payment reminders, now you can manage all your day-to-day operations from a single hub.

Curate outstanding guest experiences

A guest portal for easier communication and self-service for easy access to your clients.

Centralise your operations

Use customized dashboards to gain insight into the functioning of your business. Keep tabs on check-in and check-out times, reservations, maintenance, room service requests, and more.

Manage guest profile

For corporate guests, the app factors in prepaid expenses, deferred payments, and company-sponsored bills to ensure a seamless billing process on checkout.

Accelerate customer service

Monitor their needs in real time, and assign available personnel to fulfill service requests quickly, ensuring complete customer satisfaction at all times.

Digitise the front desk

Get instant numbers on available rooms with calendar-like charts, streamline invoicing and payments, and check patrons in and out with a single click.

Responsive Design

We take approach to render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. To improve user experience which will translate into a positive perception of your brand and business.

Endless Security Service

Our platform protect data and provides confidentiality, integrity, availability and Security capabilities. To help increase and improve the trust factor of the software applications.

Incredible Features

Incredible features to make your app stand out, making sure that users can easily navigate through them with fast loading content, high security and time-to-time updates.

It's not just an app. It's a platform

Build a great relationship between the employees, customers and services providers.

Rethink customization with our platform

You could set up seasonal rate calculators, discounts for bulk bookings, loyalty program modules, and more.

Anytime, anywhere, on any device

Every function is at your fingertips, from monitoring daily revenue, to checking guests in on the fly.

Break down data silos with integrations

Integrate with online payment systems like PayPal, or inventory management software like SalesBinder, using APIs.

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