• Who are we?

    We are Innovax, the brand of Centrax Systems.
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Our Vision

To inspire and serve all who seek to enhance their applications to run their businesses. Centrax Systems through its own Innovax Brand brings that to the African Market aiming for success.

Our Mission

To provides the most simplest ways for customers to discover, buy and use the right application, with great satisfying outcomes.

Our Values

To serve every enterprise with passion, excellence and succeed in every service offerings. 

Our Culture

To provide curated selection of industry specific CRM and pre-built custom applications through Innovation and Client-Focus.

Innovax Software, the brand of Centrax Systems Cloud Application Platform.

Small Medium Businesses often are challenged in selecting and integrating applications. Most lack the time, expertise and money to solve these problems on their own. Centrax has validated Zoho applications, making it easier and more efficient for customers to connect multiple solutions to run their business. As a result, the new Innovax Marketplace will make it simpler for customers to discover, buy and use the right application.

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